Current Projects

Marketing Services
NorthBrook Business and Industry Campus
The GNGDC has been hired to provide marketing services for the NorthBrook Business and industry Campus in Gray. NorthBrook is the premier location for business in the area. Its park-like setting provides executive appeal and quality of place, while its access to the Maine Turnpike insures visibility, ease of transport logistics and employee commute, all within 20 minutes of Maine’s two largest metropolitan regions, Portland and Lewiston-Auburn.

Public Relations, Relocation Services, Fund-raising Services
Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum

After 20 years located at the Portland waterfront, the museum will be moving to Gray within the next 2 to 3 years. The GNGDC has worked diligently to assist the MNGRR in its effort to procure a 2 mile portion of railroad right of way while helping to build relationships with local commercial property owners in order to facilitate the move. Plans include a museum, offices, gift shop, assembly space, storage and repair facility and train station at the Gray Plaza on Route 100 with a 2 mile train ride through the Gray meadow and wildlife preserve.

More than 30,000 people ride the train each season and it is estimated that the Narrow gauge is attributable for $4,000,000 into Portland’s local economy. The estimated budget for the project is $6,000,000 and the GNGDC is gearing up to assist with the fund-raising effort to begin in the Spring / Summer of 2014.

Previous Accomplishments: 

  • Successfully negotiated a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) credit enhancement agreement extension between the Town of Gray and the TIF holder.
  • Facilitated increased dialog with the Town of Gray to bring about proactive business-friendly amendments to the local zoning ordinance
  • Worked to promote and support various Community Development Block Grant efforst with the Town of Gray

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